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Dani is energetic, thoughtful and a general joy to work with. Working with her truly feels like a perfect customer service experience. She is earnest in her desire to make your event the best it can be. She took the time and energy needed to really understand our mission, our supporters, and our layout. She answered every email and call promptly, and her general expertise in the areas of event planning and auctions was incredibly beneficial. She would brainstorm with our team, and I truly felt like she was giving everything she had to make the event a success. On the night of the event she was professional and approachable at the same time. She did an incredible job on our live auction and paddle raise, keeping the energy high and the patrons interested. We raised a ton of money! I honestly have nothing but positive feedback for the entire experience. Dani is so good at understanding the needs of her clients, the event, and the patrons that I could see her working with anyone. She is very relatable to men, women, and any business sector I can think of

Sarah D. - exective director of breakthrough kent denver

Working with Dani was a gift to our organization as we planned our first ever annual fundraiser. We not only met our fundraising goals, but, with Dani's advice in mind, we were able to craft an event with effective messaging, enjoyable atmosphere, and a sense of community. We highly recommend Dani to organizations that are putting together their first fundraiser, or organizations that are looking to improve on their past fundraising efforts. Dani works to fully understand and buy into the mission of the organization she is working with. Her expertise, tenacity and follow through are all incredibly helpful when you are in the middle of planning a potentially very stressful event.

mark s. - executive director of purple door coffee

We were THRILLED with Dani. I have heard countless comments from guests, board and staff about what a tremendous asset she was for our event. This event had a lot of hurdles to overcome and Dani absolutely made the process easier from all angles. She supported me with advice throughout the planning process and was instrumental in making the evening successful. Her flexibility during the event was key. I can't wait to work with Dani in the future and I know Mi Casa will be counting on her talent for years to come.

robin s. - event planner for mi casa resource center

Liver Health Connection thoroughly enjoyed working with Dani. Her suggestions about our auction items were smart – we cut back on our items and made the remaining items bigger, which resulted in higher bids for all of them. She was fun, engaging, and thought on her feet during the live auction portion. The games she recommended kept everyone’s attention. And, I heard many comments throughout the night and afterward that she was a great auctioneer. Thank you for helping our small nonprofit achieve higher donations from our event. We can’t wait to work with Dani again!

nancy steinfurth - executive director of liver health connection

Lenora p. - fundraising chair for st. mary's catholic of littleton catholic school

We received a lot of positive feedback about Dani and what a great job she did keeping the audience engaged and moving the program along. I thought Dani did a great job of handling ‘unplanned’ items very well and smoothly.

You cannot go wrong with the lovely Dani Espinosa leading the way to raise funds for your organization. We were in awe of her heart and her talent. She left no dollar on the table with her strategic fundraising and her heart centered approach to raising funds. The BEST decision I made was hiring Dani Espinosa.

brandi w. - event planner for grief support network 

Dani was very enthusiastic, supportive and shared great ideas and strategies throughout the process. She was willing to help us and meet with us whenever we asked. Thank you again!

darla dakin - executive director of wapiyapi

So excited to share these numbers with you!!! Unbelievable for a first-time event. We’re thrilled. Dani did an incredible job. Mil gracias for all of your enthusiasm and support.We loved working with Dani and are excited to continue to grow this partnership in coming years.

liz vaUtour - former development and communications associate of escuela de guadalupe

In an industry full of hit-or-miss auctioneers, Dani Espinosa stands out as a true professional and driven auctioneer that goes above and beyond to get the most out of your event. She motivates guests and truly knows how to read a crowd; she is well-spoken, knowing when and how to transition between auction items and has an overall fun and inviting presence. Dani, unlike many auctioneers, dedicates time to listen to her client’s concerns and priorities, ensuring a flawless event. We have had Dani auctioneer for more than one event and she has never let us down. Thank you, Dani!

Renee o.- event planner for clinica tepeyac (president of eventful productions)

jasmine s. - former development and communications associate of escuela de guadalupe

It was such a pleasure working with Dani during the annual “Fiesta on the Plaza” gala benefitting Clínica Tepeyac! Her professionalism and deep knowledge of the industry was vital in helping raise funds. We benefitted not just from her actions on-stage during the event, but also the thoughtful coaching she provided throughout the planning process. Dani would be a great addition to any non-profit who is ready to reach their guests in a new and refreshing way.

I wanted to reach out and send you a HUGE thank you from the SustainEd Farms team. Your time, support and guidance was extremely beneficial for our event and we were able to surpass our goal and raise ~$8,600! We truly could not have done it without you, especially with the paddle raiser. It was all a new experience for us and we were able to have great success thanks to you. You did not have to take time out of your busy schedule to help us out but it is greatly appreciated! We are now making plans of how to allocate our funds for new curriculum development, educational programming and scholarships for our summer camp. We are so grateful to have the resources to continue to expand our work! 



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Dani Dotterosa is a Gala fundraising powerhouse who has guided hundreds of nonprofits to raise over $50 million. She initially gained her experience managing fundraising teams on event nights and was later recruited to the team of former Denver Bronco, Reggie Rivers, as his first Benefit Auctioneer. Her collaborations extend to renowned nonprofits such as the American Heart Association, Children's Museum, and Make a Wish Colorado, as well as hundreds of smaller groups and schools, making her the go-to expert for all things Gala fundraising. 

Regardless of the team or organization Dani joins, she is hand-selected by her peers for leadership positions. From being the Captain of the DU Women’s Lacrosse team to serving as the Head of Intercollegiate Athletics, the President of the Student-Athlete Committee, DU representative at the NCAA Regional Leadership Conference, and the VP of Membership for Cherry Creek Toastmasters, Dani brings years of leadership and fundraising experience to her work. She specializes in training nonprofit leaders on how to achieve their most successful Galas. As the creator of The Profitable Gala Program and accompanying Playbook, she can confidently assist any nonprofit leader in crushing their fundraising goals.




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  • Comprehensive Fundraising Planning - Everything from venue, goals and ticket prices to auctions, special appeals, event flow and everything in between!

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